Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Lead from a place of curiosity………..not from a place of “knowing.”  If you are too attached to your knowledge and your beliefs – then really good opportunities can pass you by.  Depending on your level of attachment to your values, beliefs, and opinions you will be more or less open to new information and ideas. 

Sometimes we can achieve success and want to maintain it through protecting the status quo……we stick with what we know and what we are comfortable with and we may go to great lengths to preserve it.  The reality in life, is there will be different chapters, bridges to cross and doors to open but we will never see them if we cling to our comfort zone.

We will seek people and thought leadership that aligns with our own, rather than risk having to learn something new and be uncomfortable during that learning curve. People and circumstances are speaking to you every day……..listen and learn from what is being sent to you,…. because in everything that you complain or dislike about your life, there is a lesson if you are willing to go below the surface and do the inner work that keeps us curious and constantly developing as human beings.

Robin Sharma said “We see the world not as it is but as we are.  Know that the truth in any given circumstance is filtered through your personal stained glass window – your personal context.  Clean up the windows, and you’ll clean up your life.  Then you’ll see the truth.  Stand in the curiosity of your life.  In surrendering control, you’ll create a space for possibilities to enter and treasures to flow.”