Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best……..honour and respect the right of people around you to make their own choices and to be their own person.  When we are passionate about something we can sometimes become too attached to our own beliefs and end up sacrificing relationships in order to have our own way.  There is nothing wrong with having strong beliefs and a vision for the future……as long as you are open to exchanging ideas and listening to the suggestions of others.  It is when we become so attached to our beliefs that we cannot hear or see anything but our own ideas that we are out of control.  

True leaders will influence without manipulation or threats…..they do not bring about lasting results with fear based strategies but rather they rely on strong interpersonal skills, sound decision making, and keeping the greater good as the ballast for their ideas.  As long as we participate in the I’m right and you’re wrong discussions, there will always be conflict. You do not win when people withdraw from you or show up in silence…..that is the universe telling you once again that you cannot win as a person if it is always about you and just for the record, only your ego believes that is true.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said  “Sometimes we think that the only way to make someone a better person, and by extension , make the world a better place, is to convince them that they should see things our way.  Once the attachment to the belief outweighs the importance of the message, it corrupts the idea, respect is lost, and freedom is compromised.  Without respect for the freedom of choice, peace is not possible.  When we become so attached to these “noble” beliefs, we use guilt or place conditions on others to encourage them to conform to our standards.”