Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Pay attention to your life…….it whispers quietly at first to get your attention.   If you do not hear the lessons, then life will amplify them with more challenging situations and people, in an attempt to get your attention.  The facts of life support…… that successful people put their energy into what they love, what they have, rather than worrying about what they don’t have and what is missing.  What we put our focus on grows……and so it is with our thoughts and our feelings.  You cannot transform a situation or circumstance if all you want to do is talk about what is wrong with it……transformation always happens through thinking positively and taking action. 

Sometimes we need to step away from our hurt feelings and our concern with “why things happen?” and focus on what we are being nurtured and nourished to understand.  We must sift through our experiences and make sure that we are mining them for all their valuable lessons, and we must do our best to see the right amidst the wrong.  When we can learn how to tell the truth to ourselves, in a compassionate and loving manner, then we can truly live a life of excellence.

Rhonda Byrne said ” Life is magical…..what happens in one day of your life is more magical than any fantasy movie you can see, but you have to look at what is happening with the same concentration you watch a movie.  If you’re watching a movie and you get distracted with a phone call, you miss what happens.  It’s the same thing with the movie of your life….if you are walking around asleep and you’re not alert, you miss the messages and synchronicities that are constantly speaking to you, guiding and directing you in your life.  Life is responding to you….life is communicating with you.”


* The Thoughts for the Day will take a short pause for the cause, and will return Monday August 12th, 2013