Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Live authentically ………become aware of the agreements and beliefs that you hold and only keep them if they still serve you.  Whenever your emotions are triggered it is telling you that something you hold true is being tested…..almost like an early warning system for you to examine the belief to see whether it is true or an illusion.  If we are too attached to our belief systems then they become our rules for life, and we use them to judge others as either meeting the test or failing. At this point our level of attachment is unhealthy and it will lead to a state of cognitive dissonance where we reject everything that doesn’t align with our beliefs.

Self-confidence exists when you have the capability to listen to opinions and ideas that are not the same as yours; do not mistake your ego for self-confidence because your ego will feed an arrogance that will judge everything according to its own belief system – while confidence provides the freedom to question your own beliefs and adjust them from time to time.  Ultimately our goal in life is not to get ahead of others….it is to get ahead of ourselves.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “Everything we hold so dear is  alive within us because of the energy we give through our attachments.  It is easier for us to attribute a power to something outside ourselves than it is for us to see that we are the power that gives things in our world life.  We are the ones responsible for ourselves and our reality.  Be grateful for your emotions, because they tell you the truth, for it is only through exposure that we regain the power to choose between – I will continue to agree – and I am ready to let go.”