Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best……….resist the temptation to judge  and try to accept people as they are.  It is true that challenging people and their ideas can lead to new insights and information, but new insights can only happen if you are flexible.  When you are flexible you are open, you listen intently to ideas that are not your own.  Flexibility is a reflection of your willingness to get things done with no attachment to how they get done.

It is a thousand times easier to criticize than to create.  That’s why  critics are never problem solvers.  So step back and look at yourself through the eyes of those you engage with……do you play the role of critic or are you helping to create? Because outside forces don’t control your character; you do.  How you interact with others in this life will always be a reflection of who you are at your core. The judgment of others is a lesson that is quietly whispering……look inward to improve, not externally by judging others. People will always behave on the basis of how they feel and how they feel will in turn govern how they treat others.  Today be committed to creating, not criticizing.

Iyanla Vanzant said “Your opinion of another person affects how you treat them and what you expect of them.  Believe it or not, how you see another person usually has very little to do with them.  Your views, your opinions, your perceptions and your judgments all stem from you.  They are a function of who you believe you are or are not.  What is inside of you ultimately determines how you approach other people, and in  a large part , your approach and expectations determine how people will respond to you.”