Thought for the Day – By Lisa Scott

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday have a great day.

Don’t live in the promised land………”if, then”……..means that you are continually putting up barriers to living to your full potential. You postpone or dodge making commitments because you always have a personal cause…….”if I do this, then I can do that” and so you continually place your life in the promised land. Sometimes we need to take the time to enjoy life right now instead of always placing our happiness in a future state.

Just as giving thanks for what we are experiencing now will lead to our life magically increasing…… taking things for granted will lead to our life decreasing. Enjoy the journey….life is not a destination. You will enjoy yourself so much more if you savour every step of the journey rather than rewarding yourself periodically because you have reached another milestone. Iyanla Vanzant said “On the way to get away from where you are, you can run so fast that you miss the blessings along the way. By the time you realize that you have missed them, a major portion of your life has taken place without you.”