Thought for the Day ~ Choices

Everything in life is about choices……every day that you are blessed with on this earth, affords you the opportunity to make the very best of your life.  So we must reflect on our lives to ensure that we are experiencing the very best life has to offer.  Doing this takes great courage.  It means walking through your current choices, identifying your fears, and setting new goals that will take you to new horizons in your life.  It means examining your friendships and relationships to ensure that they bring joy and positive energy to your life.

It means creating a shift from surviving to thriving, and spending time on you, examining your hopes and wishes for your life and then putting a plan together to make them happen.  Life is like anything else it requires careful consideration and planning.  That means developing a mission statement for your life that encompasses all of your dreams and goals for yourself.  A statement that will inspire you each day.  This process will not be easy, but you need to trust that your inner compass will accurately steer you in the direction of your dreams and desires.

Robin Sharma said “Every human being needs to carve out the time to articulate a philosophy for his or her life.  It’s one of the most important things a person can do.  Every person, to live truly and greatly, must define how he wants to live and what his brightest life will look like.  We all need to have a statement on a piece of paper that we can revisit every morning while the rest of the world is asleep that will serve as a moral compass to direct the choices of our day.  This will serve as an anchor to lock us into our best moves.”

By Lisa Scott Life Coach @ Scott Associates