Thought for the Day ~ Choose Love

Always do your best…… is through feeling sadness that we know how good it feels to be happy.  Ancient wisdom teaches us that we should not resist our bad feelings, they are a part of life.  It also teaches us the importance of not dwelling in negativity.  When we feel bad about feeling bad we increase the negativity both in how we feel and in what we give out to others.  Bad feelings will not bring the life you want….they won’t help you realize dreams, and they diminish your light.  If we aren’t careful, the negative feelings can consume us.  Don’t let them, life is too short to dwell in negativity and sadness.  The hallmark of a life well lived…is to love ourselves through the tough times, so we can enjoy the good times.

How we handle the ebb and flow of our life dictates  with astounding accuracy, what we will realize and experience. You do not have the power to control everything that happens….but you do have the power to control how your respond.  Intention plays a big role in what we indulge in our life.  So when you find yourself on that slippery slope of feeling sadness, anger, or frustration  with what is happening in your life.  Stop, and ask what is my intention here?  What do I hope will happen as a result of feeling these feelings.  Inside each of us resides the immense power to change how we are feeling.  A beautiful light that we can shine when we need to, a reminder of what is good, of what we are thankful for and with that shift we realize that goodness comes to us when we love…starting with ourselves.

Rhonda Byrne said “You can change anything in your life by changing how you feel.  When you change how you feel about any subject, the subject must change.  But in changing the way you feel, don’t try to get rid of bad feelings, because all bad feelings are simply a lack of love.  Instead, you put love in.  You don’t try to get rid of anger, or sadness; anger and sadness are gone when you put love in.  There is nothing to dig out of you.  When you put love into you, all bad feelings are gone.  There is only one force in life and that force is love.  You are either feeling good because you are full of love, or you are feeling bad because you are empty of love, but all your feelings are degrees of love.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive Life Coach