Thought for the Day ~ Kindness Matters

Always do your best…….some of us fly through our lives superficially.  We skim the trees of life, never finding peace in the forest, because we stay on the surface, afraid to go deep into ourselves or to let anyone else see who we really are.  Fear is governing those decisions.  Fear of revealing who we truly are, and fear of letting anyone get too close.  Yet we are meant to mature, to be able to see that what we give to this world, is exactly what we experience.  Very often, we shut our hearts to those around us, to protect our fragility.  We become unapproachable and unavailable and finally lonely.

We don’t get a second chance to live our life to the fullest.  Each day that we wake and find the sun shining is another opportunity for us to shine our light on the world.  Love is life, and if you miss the opportunity to love, then you miss the opportunity to live.  Kindness and living fully in every moment can heal the worst situations.  It can literally cause misunderstanding, mistrust, and fear to evaporate.  Kindness is powerful.  At the end of the day, our ability to love fully, to show the world kindness, and to extend that kindness and love to ourselves is integral to our success.  Without them, your life will echo with emptiness.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr said “A wise man once said “The three most important things to do in life are: be kind, be kind, be kind.”  Kindness comes from generously opening your heart and seeing everyone as a friend deserving of consideration.  Cultivating kindness is a powerful spiritual practice that grows as you nourish kindness inside yourself.  When you get rushed or feel upset, it’s even more important to practice kindness.  Kindness will slow you down, create connection, and bring a smile to your face and the faces of those you connect with.”