Thought for the Day ~ Life is about Choices

Manage your mind……….or it will manage you.  Ever notice that if you get up on the wrong side of the bed, you lack energy, your timing is off, you feel generally frustrated, and each new task you begin underscores “this is not going to be a good day”……well if you stay with those thoughts and feelings, you have just placed your order with the universe.  So expect the worse and what a waste of a day it will be.  We have choices and when we feel ourselves tipping towards negative thoughts and beliefs it is our opportunity to restart the day, and reboot our thoughts and feelings with it.

We all have narrators in our head…..some of them guide us with wisdom towards our choices and some are attached to beliefs that no longer serve us, and yet we listen to them.  The stories we tell ourselves to make us feel comfortable, or to establish our knowledge, are simply history.  We can choose to believe because we need to, but we must also acknowledge when the stories do not describe our truth.  We must be aware, because the very act of wanting to believe in these stories blinds us to the truth.  Today let go of beliefs and thoughts that don’t serve you, be willing to face a truth that you have been avoiding…..because self-confidence is being able and willing to question you own beliefs.

Rhonda Byrne said “Although there is much to learn and much to study, the truth of LIFE is in everything in the world around you, if you have the eyes to see.  It is only ignorance and fixed beliefs that blind us to the truth.  Continue to ask questions within yourself, continue to learn, continue to let go of fixed beliefs, and the TRUTH will unfold within you.  Beliefs are a constant frequency that you are transmitting, and our beliefs are the strongest things that create our lives.  The law of attraction always responds to what you believe.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive Coach