Thought for the Day ~ Lisa Scott Life Coach

Slow down……..and commit to being present.  At times life can seem likes its racing and that we do not choose the speed.  We pretend that our impossible schedule, our non-stop availability, and our exhaustion are badges of honour as if somehow we are being rewarded for our stamina.  Yet we steal from ourselves when we accept our impossible schedules.  The goal is not to prioritize our schedules….but to schedule our priorities.  We have the ability to make choices and to create schedules that bring harmony to our lives.  You can make decisions that bring health, happiness, and peace or you can subject yourself to impossible schedules that drain your energy.

So today, regain full command of your schedule, activities, and life.  Be present.  Notice nature and give yourself the gift of a walk, of sitting in the sun, or just savouring your morning coffee.  Something magical happens when we give ourselves the gift of time.  Your mind relaxes, your tension level is lowered, and you notice the details in your surroundings.  You will end up feeling refreshed, renewed, and grateful that you took this opportunity for self-care.  We are not machines and we take ourselves out of our natural rhythms  when we push too hard.  So allow yourself to pause, to breathe, to take in the moments.  For each moment offers the richness of love, humour, stories, healing, and blessings.  When you slow down and just enjoy the now.

Doreen Virtue said “Trying to stuff too many items into a closet only results in frustration, and it’s the same way when you over schedule yourself. To combat potential problems, you go faster and focus on just getting through your day’s  activities instead of enjoying them.  So enjoy a “slow day” and break the cycle. Take your time, and notice any differences between your mood today and the way you normally feel. Slow down and notice the details and pleasures of life.  Something magical happens when you take a walk.  Your mind relaxes, your tension level is lowered, and you notice the details in your surroundings.”