Thought for the Day ~ Lisa Scott Life Coach

Don’t procrastinate pursuing your best life………you are letting fear rule when you do that, and that means you have given your power away.  That inner voice that speaks quietly to you when you are in solitude is contributing to your possibility thinking or your impossibility thinking.  There is nothing more influential than the things we believe and say to ourselves.  No person has more power than us to influence what we attempt and therefore what we can achieve.  We all know what we need to do to take our lives to the next level of excellence and yet we resist….we procrastinate…..we point the finger of blame outward when all we needed to do, was take action.

It is said that we do not find peace by rearranging the circumstances of our lives, but rather by realizing who we are at our deepest core, our true essence.  And then to pursue it with passion. So look inward, what are you holding yourself back from doing? What if you gave it a flicker of attention could ignite a passion in you?……. and make you come alive to experience the very best in every day.  The thing to remember, to always remember, is that what you do, or don’t do today, is what matters most.  In fact nothing else does……

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “It is easier for us to attribute a power to something outside ourselves than it is for us to see that we are the power that gives things in our world life.  We are the ones responsible for ourselves and our reality.  We are the creators of our own dream.  This is why our self-judgment is so strong and alive with a force that can hold us back – and rooted to the past.  We gave our narrators the power.  The field of possibility awaits our next step.”