Thought for the Day ~ Listen to the Silence

Listen to the silence……….when we experience big changes in our lives we can sometimes get mired in our thinking.  We play what if, we play I wish I had, we create drama in our minds and this is a dangerous place to stay.  On those days when you your mind takes you prisoner and suggests that the future isn’t bright because of all of your worries.  Get out of your head. You can create some really dramatic situations and unless you realize that they are your mind generated worries, not your present moment, you will suffer needlessly. Most of the trouble that we create in our minds, never actually happens.

That is why we must practice quieting the mind.  Remove yourself from distractions and the voices that are speaking to you and just be present.  Enjoy the beautiful day ahead with some calming deep breaths, review what you are grateful for in your life.  Bringing yourself to this calm place is not a denial of your problems; it allows the formation of creative alternatives for responding to them.  Peace in your life is not a goal or a target; it can occur naturally when activity stops.  The spiritual goal is to find the peace in you, even when all around you there is chaos. Today just breathe, you don’t need an immediate answer for anything.  A peaceful mind is a powerful mind. Today love what is;  and leave alone thoughts of what may be.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “When the mind is not quiet, when our attention feels like it is being pulled in a thousand different ways, stress and disharmony take over.  At this point, we are trapped in the fog of the mitote (the thousand voices that occupy the mind)  The fog obscures the reflection of love and makes us think that love is something that needs to be gained.  like the elusive carrot stick. With awareness, we realize there is a deep silence that exists behind all of those voices.  One way to quiet the mind is to listen to that silence. The quieting of your mind helps you to experience this moment without distraction and keeps you in your power.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach @ Scott & Associates