Thought for the Day ~ Look Within for the Answers

The answers are never “out there”………….they are always within.  If we are to live our best life, then we must do the deep inside stuff.  We must bring our souls into the light and reflect deeply about what we believe about ourselves.  If not, it will not matter how successful your outer life is.  You will still be the same person in the mirror every morning.  You will still hold the same limiting beliefs about your intellect, your ability to love, and the resulting relationships. The child in you will still be trying to fill the holes with things, instead of love.   Feelings buried never die……instead they become the filters that we run our lives through, and they limit both what we will attempt and what we will achieve.

The strongest feelings we possess are about ourselves.  If we do not have love in our hearts for our own lives….then we will struggle to give love, to be love, and to keep love.  In fact, the loudest narrator in our heads is the one that speaks  to our self worth.  So we need to pay attention to our inner health.  For if we are visited by the same experiences  over and over again then we must acknowledge that we are trying to heal ourselves with something external.  So, today, give your soul the gift of love, let your authenticity shine, allow your inner light to beam brightly, showing joy through laughter, song, dance, playfulness, and  your ability to connect with others in a meaningful way.  Loving yourself is the true foundation for an open heart.

Robin Sharma said “No matter how much we collect, nothing can ever make up for any incompleteness we feel within ourselves.  As human beings, we all have these holes within us that crave to be filled.  Some of us have holes created by parents who didn’t care for our emotional needs as children; others of us have holes created by uncaring schoolmates who couldn’t see our true worth.  Still others have holes created by educators who taught us that we were never good enough.  And as we grow into adults, we unconsciously look  for other people and things to fill our holes – to complete us.  It’s an endless pursuit, and it empties us – as human beings – of our inner peace.”

By Lisa Scott Executive Coach