Thought for the Day ~ Love is who you are.

Nurture the relationships in your life………because in the case of your children, you are their first experience with love.  The universe is always providing us with reminders of where love resides and all we need to do is pay attention.  Love is literally all around us, in someone’s helpful ways, in a child’s affection, a thoughtful friend, a caring spouse, and in nature.  The magic of love is where we are and to share it, express it, and show it is the way we drink in this delicious energy.  The more that we say yes to these special blessings, the more the universal energy flows to us and through us.

Love is not only given in the expression “I Love You” love is who you are and it is anchored in how you treat yourself, how you express yourself, and how you give your love to those around you.  Love is what we have come into this life to give and when we give it to our families we are building their knowledge and experience with love.  So we must speak to people in a way that will open their hearts, allowing them to always feel worthy.    We must remember that we write on the soul of our children and those close to us in the way that we communicate and connect with them.  Today see yourself as love, be present in loving ways, and love will become a part of your consciousness and your legacy with everyone you encounter.

Stephen R. Covey said “You can go home again if your home is a treasured relationship, a precious companionship.  In relationships, the little things are the big things.  If parents obey the laws of love, they encourage obedience to the laws of life.  If you want to have a more pleasant, cooperative teenager, be a more understanding , empathetic, consistent, loving parent.  The laws of love essentially amount to accepting people as they are, listening to them with understanding, respecting their feelings, and patiently and caringly building relationships.”