Thought for the Day ~ Manage your Emotions

Manage your emotions……emotions are signals calling us to action.  Our emotions come from the interpretations and meanings that we attach to the events in our lives.  We are constantly labelling things as good or bad or worse and then we align our choices and actions to those feelings.  Yet if we heed the signals that our emotions bring we can utilize them to change the quality of our lives immediately.  In fact what we cultivate emotionally, we receive back in our lives.  There is truth in the statement that what we put out into the world comes back to us with astounding accuracy. You see your thoughts, emotions, and words, have their own energy and they let people know what frequency you’re on.

So while it is impossible to prevent strong emotions all together.  Nor would we want to….because the lows allow us to better appreciate the joy. But we can make a commitment to ourselves to include love, warmth, appreciation and gratitude, curiosity, excitement, determination, flexibility, confidence, cheerfulness, vitality, and compassion in our lives.  We can pledge to ourselves that we will endeavour to find the goodness in the day through these positive feelings, and by doing so, plant the seeds of greatness in our life.  Our emotional healing does not mean dwelling upon the wound; it means looking at the world through un-wounded eyes.  What you set your heart upon, must come about.  So set your heart to love.

Anthony Robbins said “Frustration, anger, resentment, depression – compare these emotions to joy, passion, contentment, excitement, and ecstasy.  Our lives are defined by the emotions we feel on a daily basis.  What we do is not only based on our ability, talent, or our skills, it’s based upon how we feel.  Most of us live our lives in reaction to our environment.  Our emotions are like the ocean – some days they’re brewing a storm; other days they’re as calm as they can be.  Remember… you are always in control of how you feel.  Nothing controls you, but you.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive Life Coach