Thought for the Day ~ Reflection really Matters

Always do your best………the best leaders have an innate ability to self actualize.  In a world that moves so swiftly. We must remember to make the time for stillness and reflection. The lessons are coming to us daily and if we are not careful; we will miss them. It’s important to manage our minds versus the external world.  To know and name our feelings and to find the internal cause for them.  We live in a dangerous zone when we believe that we have completed our learning.  That we cannot even finesse our skill set.  Ego treats development like a game to be won, a destination we reach.  Reflection reminds us that we can learn something every day if we are open to it. That when we pause with intention we grow exponentially.

During intense times in our lives; when we experience great achievements, significant loss, break-ups, and change.  It is important to let life settle into those times.  To realize the lessons in the gains and losses.  We grow through both of these if we allow ourselves to.  But for those who ignore the lessons; who believe they have grown enough.  Life will start to produce more and more in an effort to make you listen. So we must strive to schedule a peaceful way of reflecting.  Because if we can hear when life whispers to us and then take action; we will have the opportunity to realize our full potential.  The more you notice the moments, the more power you have to look after yourself.

John C. Maxwell said “I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t benefit from pausing and reflecting.  In fact, stopping to reflect is one of the most valuable activities people can do to grow.  There are many different ways of growing and an infinite number of lessons to be learned in life.  But there are some kinds of growth that come to us only if we are willing to stop, pause, and allow the lesson to catch up with us.”


By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach