Thought for the Day ~ Rise up and live your best Life

Always do your best…….strive to live your best life.  Deep in your mind is a voice that whispers to you.  It reminds you of your purpose, your desires for your life.  If you ignore it, it doesn’t go away, it gets louder.  It points out where your life could be different if only you did what you know you have to do to honour your best self. It is the voice of your soul lovingly reminding you that you are here for a much bigger reason than just being.  You are here to contribute to this world in a meaningful way.  If you can grow in self-awareness then you will be able to see the opportunities. You will detect the magic in each day as you understand that no amount of worldly success can ever compensate for the lack of a quiet mind.

Your life will only rise if you take the steps to ensure that it does.  Living another day with your dreams and desires stuck in your head is wasting precious time. Your soul’s voice is eager to speak your truth, and it wants you to step into the wisdom that is waiting for you. It wants you to shine your special light on the world.  We are multi-faceted and we are out of harmony with the world when we put all of our effort into one area of our life.  The real richness lies in knowing ourselves completely, and taking the steps to honour  our souls wisdom, by being present, and then the past stays where it is, and the future becomes what it will. Today discover the one truth that you know you must express and realize.  Your power is always available right now, will you take it?

Rebecca Campbell said “We each hold a truth deep within us that longs to be expressed.  Sculpted for lifetimes, the voice of your soul is like no other. It carries with it wisdom that only be gained through soul growth.  Through remembering, tapping into, and expressing this unique tone, we not only heal ourselves, we  also heal the planet.  Indeed the world needs harmonizing drastically.  Our soul’s voice is slightly different to the voice we are used to speaking with, and it can take a lot of courage to find and share it with the world.  There has never been a better time in history than right now to rise up and speak your truth. As we each rise up, we make it easier for the next to do the same.”

By Lisa Scott Executive Coach