Thought for the Day ~ Self-Love matters

Trust and follow the guidance of your heart…….if there is something that you desire then you have the means to obtain it.  Sometimes we under estimate the power of self love.  We forget that everything starts with us and how we feel about ourselves.  Self-love and the trust that is born of it are the powerful fuel for our dreams.  To believe that we can, to trust ourselves in each moment, and to always love ourselves, these are the elements of a world class life.  So we must learn to appreciate the beauty of simplicity; and let go of the struggles by just allowing ourselves to enjoy life. It is the ego that tries to complicate your self-concept in life, don’t buy into its script.

Everything flows when you love yourself, when you can step out in faith, with the full knowledge that self-love and your it’s possible thinking are at work.  Easing our burdens involves using our gift of discernment to decide which direction to choose for ourselves.  So we need to embrace our own happiness, we need to commit to making love based choices, not fear based choices that cloud our schedules with busyness.  Instead we must open ourselves up to the simplicity of life.  Be bold and courageous.  When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.  It is a shift in our thinking that shows us the path forward….. so go from looking at what you can see, to believing what you can have, and feel the love.

Robin Sharma said “Join the hope club.  Big, beautiful and seemingly impossible goals are superb vehicles to keep you inspired as you walk through adversity… Da Vinci taught us fix your course to a star and you can navigate any storm.  When you are reaching for great and noble goals that speak to the best in you, your desire to reach them will pull you through the tough times that you will encounter along the seekers path. Remember that life is a series of seasons.  Every human being will have to endure the harshness of a few winters in order to get to the glory of the best summers.  Never forget that winters do not last. “

 By Lisa Scott – Executive Coach