Thought for the Day ~ Life Mirrors Your Thoughts

Start your day well………how you live your days, determines how you will live your life.  At this time of year we are faced with a brand new year.  A chance to reflect, review, and revise our life choices. A time to take personal inventory and a time to love ourselves to the next level of excellence.  It is said that we experience what we tolerate and so it is a time to eliminate those circumstances and people who seem to hold us back from leading our best lives. It is a chance to revitalize our lives with a renewed sense of purpose.  A time to accept ourselves and create peace in our mind and heart, and an opportunity to knowingly and lovingly shape our world and our experiences.

Life mirrors our thoughts and feelings, so we must take special care to ensure that our thoughts will lead us to living our best life. So give yourself the gift of starting each day with limitless love, light, and joy.  Anyone who truly loves you will support you on your journey and take pleasure in seeing you shine. Tell your nagging negative thoughts or sadness that you alone must choose how you live your life, no person, place, or thing has any power over you.  You are the only thinker in your mind.  Take your power back and know that you are in charge of how you craft each day.  Breathe in the fullness and richness of life and believe that life abundantly supports you.  All is well……Namaste.

Robin Sharma said “The way you begin your day determines the way you will live your day.  I call the first thirty minutes after you wake up “The Platinum 30″ since they are truly the most valuable moments of your day and have a profound influence on the quality of every minute that follows.  If you have the wisdom and self-discipline to ensure that, during this period, you think only the purest of thoughts and take only the finest of actions, you will notice that your days will consistently unfold in the most marvelous ways.  So start your days well, you will never be the same.”