Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday. Remember to start each day with gratitude. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy.


This Thought is dedicated to the memory of my mother who left this earth 21 years ago today. She is the inspiration for my writing and her lessons I have shared with thousands.  I am so very grateful for her love and guidance.

Always do your best……it is so easy to point the finger of blame at everyone else.  Especially if you have been doing it for a long time. The mystery that must be revealed is why? Why do people blame everyone else rather than taking responsibility for their actions and their words. Why do they fabricate a story so that they can tell the world how unfairly they have been treated, and how everyone is out to get them. It is because their soul is lost. If a child grows up with only one parent and that parent demonizes the other parent, then the child will lose a part of themselves. If they live in a house where they catch you doing things wrong….they will doubt themselves.  If they are exposed to adults that have no filters when they speak about others, they begin to repeat the cycle in their own lives. 

Sometimes in our childhood we are forever traumatized by something that is buried deep in our consciousness. But if that parent decides that she will do the best with what she has and she will remain silent about things that have nothing to do with that child. Then the child grows in a loving place where her mind is not filled with negativity and shame. That child is taught to look out for others and to be kind. She is taught that “when they’re being them, you can still be you” She is encouraged to build her intellect and to remember that if we are open to it , we can always learn.  Most importantly that parent sets her child up for success with her own family circumstances and in life. Thank you Shirley Jane, I am forever grateful for the gift of your spirit, intellect, lessons, and most importantly the love. It nurtures me to this day. I am forever reminded of your wisdom……”you will never find a rainbow, if you’re looking down.”  Loving you now and forever. Lisa 

Robin Sharma said “When you blame others for the things that anger or irritate you, you lose a precious chance to get to know more of the shadows that are controlling you. You lose the opportunity to go deep and bring what was within the realm of the subconscious into the realm of the conscious, where it can be healed and released. Blaming others is excusing yourself.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach