Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Tuesday. Have an amazing day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……because you cannot shame or belittle people into changing. There are some who will try to use shame in their language and approaches to motivate people to act and deliver. They will always fail. Because people know that they experience what they tolerate, and most will not tolerate that kind of behaviour for long. In order for a leader to be successful, people must follow your vision and then you. No matter the application of your leadership skills, you will achieve your goals through connecting in a meaningful way. Compassion, kindness, understanding, and a positive attitude that unequivocally say I believe in you, I know you can, are vital to the successful implementation of change and  lasting results. No measure of shaming people will bring about the attitude and willingness required to achieve goals.

Because when we bully in the workplace, we reveal something in ourselves that must be healed. We reveal a pain body that has survived while stopping us from the growth and development that was possible if we had let it go. Everyone has a story of painful experiences, but it is paramount to our success that we not embrace those experiences by giving them to others. So to be a strong, productive leader, we must let go of the bad experiences and replace them with new ones. Ones that are filled with joy. Simply put, we need to love, grow, and serve our people. The rewards of this kind of leadership just keep coming. Remember, when you look over your shoulder, they are either nowhere to be seen, or they’re right behind you, ready to bust through whatever they need to, to be successful and generate results. Where they are, will depend on where you are.  

Brene Brown said “When we choose growth over perfection, we immediately increase our shame resilience. Improvement is a far more realistic goal than perfection. Merely letting go of unattainable goals makes us less susceptible to shame. When we believe “we must be this” we ignore who or what we actually are, our capacity and our limitations. We start from the image of perfection, and of course, from perfection there is nowhere to go but down. When our goal is growth and we say “I’d like to improve this” we start from where and who we are. When we give ourselves permission to be imperfect, when we find self-worth despite our imperfections, when we build connection networks that affirm and value us as imperfect beings, we are much more capable of change.”

By Lisa Scott Executive Life Coach