Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best…..and be at peace when you do. In a world where one could easily think that people believe there is such a thing as perfection, we are often way too hard on ourselves. First, we have to be clear there is no such thing as perfection; there is only our commitment to do our best. With that commitment, we can face ourselves in the mirror every morning and feel confident that we have given our all to life. Some days our best will look different than others because on any given day our energy will be different… and so we must do the best with where we are that day, with what we have to give. That is why pausing and reflecting is so important. It allows us to be present and to assess our relationship with the day. To be honest with how our energy feels and to respond authentically. 

But if we push the river, if we hold ourselves to impossible standards and schedules, we will always feel depleted and judgmental. We will lose our ability to let life flow. We will forget that we always get to choose how we respond to what life brings us. In that response is the opportunity to always be you. To hold onto and live through your values. To do the best that you can do in every situation that comes your way. Life will test you, it will convince you that it is against you. Don’t believe it, your power is in your response. Let that be how you let the world see your best. Let your response be bold, confident, kind, compassionate, and most importantly authentic. No situation or person can take you away from living your best life, unless you let them. Namaste.

Robin Sharma said “There’s no doubt that, as human beings, we cannot control all that happens to us….that’s the fate part. Life runs along according to its own course. But what we do have enormous control over is the way we respond to what life sends our way. So that’s the partnership; do your best, the very best that you know how to do in every dimension of your life and then let life do the rest. It’s really a delicate balance between making it happen and letting it happen. We really can make our own luck a lot of the time, and good things generally do happen to people who do good things. But once you’ve done your absolute best, let go and trust that whatever comes is perfectly suited for the growth you need to evolve to your best self.” 

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach