Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Wishing you a great start to your week. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge: Start your day with deep cleansing breaths – set good intentions for the day – then go out into your Monday and make some magic.  Namaste

Always do your best……live as much as you can in the present moment. We all have good days and bad days, and we have all developed coping strategies for dealing with the tough days. Self talk, deep breathing, and meditation are some of the mindful ways that we cope with the stress in our lives. But when all else fails,  we resort to avoidance. We toughen up and put on a brave face, and we try to pretend that all is well in the kingdom. The problem is…… nothing saps our energy or makes us feel worse than denying what we are thinking or feeling. Because feelings buried never die. You have to feel what you have to feel and then you need to gently guide yourself to a place of peace. That peace may come from a few focused and deep breaths. It may come when you set your intentions for the day. Or it may come when you take a pause and focus on being present with a loving mind, not a tortured one. Being present allows us to let our thoughts come and go gently. 

That way when distorted thoughts come into our mind we can evaluate them and right size them with the knowledge, that whatever it is that we are experiencing, it will not last forever. This kind of spiritual thinking takes practice and commitment to ourselves. It means loving ourselves in the moments when we least feel like loving. It means that we must use our intellect and reasoning powers to make it through our rough days with compassion, cooperation and connection. Once you are firmly in the present moment and taking care of your inner self and your needs, the needs of your tormented ego will diminish and disappear. But, always remember the more you honour the healing that you need in the moment, the better you will feel. The more you deny what your heart is feeling….the worse it will get. So be kind to yourself and recognize your areas of expertise and brilliance. Every time you look in the mirror today, remind yourself of how talented and brilliant you are. We become mindful by being present in our lives; moment by moment, the way we experience the moments is  ultimately the way we spend our lives.

Jennifer Nadel said “Living in the day sets a no excuses perimeter. If things are tough, tell yourself you only have to get through this one day. If things are good, remind yourself that it may last only for this day, so make the most of it instead of worrying about when it’ll end. Nothing, neither good nor bad lasts. Attend to what has to be done and then set yourself the goal of making the most of the day you have, not the future that hasn’t arrived yet. When you give yourself permission to reduce the time you spend thinking about the past and the future, you create the space for joy, grace, and wonder to emerge.” 

By Lisa Scott Executive Life Coach