Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best…….don’t push the river. When life is difficult, or sends us difficult people to deal with…..we tend to push the circumstances towards a conclusion, a certainty. Doing this only meets the needs of our ego. Because our ego can’t stand uncertainty. It can’t handle life when it seems to be out of our control. It pushes us, and presents us with catastrophic outcomes that rarely ever happen. The ego is designed to judge, to compete and to push. So standing up to our own ego takes focus, strength, and resilience. We will need to slow our mind and our actions down, pausing to carefully consider what is happening, before we craft a strategy for moving forward.  In essence, we must get into the flow of life, so that we’re not fighting the current all the time. 

Our peace of mind relies on us being able to let go, and to trust that life will continue and so will we. If we listen when we pause,  or when we meditate, then the answers will come to us. We will see a path that we would otherwise never see. When we allow our minds to just rest and be present for a few minutes we are able to tap into a collective pool of wisdom that engages both our hearts and our minds. It presents us with serendipitous solutions to our everyday problems. Making this a habit to think before we do; teaches us that we exile ourselves from peace when we allow our ego to control our thoughts. So as you begin your day today clear your mind, set your intentions and if you are experiencing any difficulty in your life, write it down and beside it write what action you will take to resolve it. Focus on potential solutions not horrendous outcomes. Life flows with us, if we think it does.

Gillian Anderson said “Living with uncertainty, a pause that’s inflicted on us rather than one we’ve chosen, can be incredibly uncomfortable. It can send us into a tornado of antics trying to force a resolution. Be it a job loss, a medical diagnosis, or just a phone call not coming as expressed, sitting with uncertainty takes courage. When one door closes, it can be tough to trust that another really will open. Notice when your ego tries to persuade you to close the gap between what was and what will be, by obsessing about possible outcomes. Watch it generate fearful attack thoughts. Do your very best to not engage with any of it. When you allow yourself to rest in the uncertainty of what is, space opens up for answers to emerge. When we hold on too tight to the end result, I only get disappointed and resentful.” 

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach