Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best………you cannot have great relationships with others….if you do not have one with yourself.  There is a social mask that we put on……one carefully crafted to help us navigate our world and our day to day experiences.  This mask is often a persona that we put out there to protect ourselves.  The closer our social mask is to who we really are…..the smaller our integrity gap.  It is important to know and develop a relationship with yourself.  One where you can be brutally honest and in doing so you are able to bring light to your own darkness.  A journal allows you to have mindful conversations with yourself.  It facilitates honest self expression and in doing so it supports us in living our best life. 

A journal is a place where you can remind yourself of the importance of self love.  It is a place where you can openly examine your life patterns and make decisions to alter or change them through making better choices.  Writing can be very cathartic, it can put things into perspective, and remind us of what we have committed to in this life.  The more we let our light shine in the world, the stronger it will become, and in doing so we invite the world to join us by bringing just a little more love and light.  We all have important inner conversations and they can be better understood through journaling. A sacred commitment to self-care; that is what a journal can be. So, I remind myself often that  self honesty is the cornerstone of self-awareness, which, in turn, is the foundation of self-love. Be thankful for your struggles; if not for them, you would never find your strengths.

Robin Sharma said “Writing in a journal on a regular basis is very powerful.  This helps you to get to know yourself and it deepens  your self-awareness.   Your journal should be a place you visit and examine yourself.  With the awareness that brings you can then pledge to make better choices.  I have also mentioned meditation and silence.  Spending time alone in silence every day is a tool that will help you awaken and reclaim your authentic power.  Of course to succeed on schoolhouse earth, you will also need good teachers.  Seekers on the path of awakening are like travellers leaving an old world and entering a new one.  We are all connected at an invisible level.  As you do your healing, you aid in the healing of the world.” 

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach