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Manage your ego……….because if it takes over you are doomed. When there is conflict it is only your ego that says “that is about me, you are challenging me,” and once we take that step we are spiralling towards all kinds of imagined insult and even worse we may act on those assumptions. When you lead with ego…..your running commentary is always about how everyone else needs to step up their game, how you would do things differently, and how you are right while everyone else has it wrong.  Your ego will always make it about others while you allow it……when this happens it is a sign to reflect and turn inward to understand what that situation and conflict is trying to teach you about yourself. People who lead with ego are risking their reputation because they appear to be immature and unwilling to learn; as if their only reason for being is to judge others. Today think about how you engage with others, what is the nature of your conversation and is it ego driven or heart based leadership that you show them. Wayne Dyer said “People need to be right. If you can remove that issue from your life, you’ll save yourself lots of suffering. Be a student. Stay open and willing to learn from everyone. Being a student in life, means you have room for new input.”


Lisa Scott

Scott & Associates Consulting Group

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“People do the best they know how to do, and when they know better, they do better” Maya Angelou