Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday. Remember to start each and every day with gratitude. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best…….set your default on kindness. Contrary to what you may have been told, showing kindness and love is not weakness. It is not only for people who sell ice cream. Kindness is the golden thread that connects us to others. It is the gift that we have been given to share with those we work, play, and live with. Love is the most powerful medicine on earth with the ability to heal. Showing love and kindness in your world is about letting people be themselves. Because when we stop judging and start appreciating people’s differences, we begin to learn from them.  We see what draws us together and it slows us down enough to ask what would love do now?

At times we are so caught up in our destination and the plans that we have for life; we forget to appreciate the journey and the kindness of people that we meet along the path. Kindness is not something we exhibit and share in order to receive recognition. It is not something we do once or twice a year. It is the realization that to be kind is to be human. We are wired for connection and when someone treats us with love and kindness it is as if they have planted a tree under whose shade they will never sit. That is the spirit of kindness. It is not something we do some of the time it is something we are committed to all of the time.  It is the realization that we each possess the capacity to show kindness and turn someone’s life around for the better.  Today, share your kindness and let serendipity and love abound. Namaste

Jennifer Nadel said “Kindness is what love looks like when we take it out into the world. It pierces our hearts as keenly as any arrow, and in doing so, it allows love to flow in and out. Through gentle loving actions, kindness transforms us into spiritual activists. Kindness brings us a sense of meaning and purpose. As we apply this principle to our lives we discover that love starts to flow through us with increasing velocity and that we now feel truly part of the extraordinary world in which we all live. Without kindness, no matter how much we do, have, or achieve, there’s a hollowness at our core. A yearning that persists. The journey is showing us that no amount of material achievements or possessions can assuage our spiritual longing.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach