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Celebrate your authenticity………find your tribe. We are at our best when we are living our life authentically. We sense our light, and we feel , accepted, and full of life when we choose to be authentic. Years of conditioning may tell you that you need to be this way or that way to be successful. That you have to make certain choices in your life in order to live a full life. But deep in your heart you know what it feels like when you let go of the shadow that society says you must be……and you shine your light authentically. Declaring to the world……I love myself just the way I am and I am enough.

You know when you’re in the company of someone who is at peace with who they are….they are also at peace with you. These people are your tribe, they are the ones who will call you home and encourage you to be you. They will be right there with you, living with as much peace and grace as is possible. They will help you to find your own rhythm and routine so that you do not have to put on the mask but rather you can take it off and live your life just as you feel in your heart you were meant to do. Your tribe will dance in the puddles of life with you……and enjoy the sparkle and serendipity of sunshine with real abandon. Finding your tribe means that you can come home and always know that you have a soft place to fall. Let us dare to live our life as we understand it……Namaste

Rebecca Campbell said “Call in your people. They’re out there. The ones that get you. The ones who are the same kind of bonkers as you, the same kind of weird. Those that you don’t need to explain anything to. Who want you to win and feel it when you fall. Who light up when they see you. Who, no matter how long they’ve been on the planet, feel like they’ve spent it looking for you. They’re out there. And they want to find you. but you’ve got to lean into the weirdness, so they know when they see you.

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach

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