Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have an awesome day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……and when in doubt breathe. There are times in our lives when we can’t see the way forward clearly. When our minds crave the certainty of knowing what comes next. Yet, as we know, life is anything but certain. It can be painful, bewildering, and exciting all at the same time; and when we are living our best life, we realize that life can also be truly wonderful, invigorating,  breath taking, and yes it is most definitely, uncertain. Therein lies the rub…. as human beings we always want to see the whole stair case, when in fact all we need to get started is the first couple of steps. If we go at a pace that allows us to be patient with ourselves, then we allow everyone else to be comfortable too. In fact our level of patience is integral to our success.

For impatience is concerned with how quickly we move toward our goal. Patience is concerned with the quality of how we move toward our goal. During challenging times it is important to find room to just be, to be alone with your thoughts and to reflect on what those next couple of steps will be. You cannot control everything, but you can always control your reactions to situations. Patience and the ability to calm your mind is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand and see that sometimes things must happen in their own time and space. It allows us to respond according to the circumstances , rather than our expectations. Clarity always precedes mastery…so pause, breathe, reflect, respond, and take comfort that you are doing your best. You are in the arena, and even though you may fall, you will get back up again. So appreciate all that you are; you are good enough just as you are. You speak up for yourself, you ask for what you want. Every day you claim your power.

Paulo Coelho said “You don’t always need a plan right away. Sometimes you need to breathe, calm down, look around, improvise. Because as you already know, you can’t control the future. The secret of life though is to always get back up”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach