Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……..a shift in your thinking will ensure a shift in your life experience.  In the process of living our lives, we give away parts of ourselves when we accept less than what we hoped for, when we put up with negativity to fit in, and when we let go of our dreams for another day.  Sometimes our desire to fit in, to be a part of the crowd, takes us away from our authenticity.  It crushes the hopes and dreams that we have for ourselves, and it makes us live grey and colourless lives.  We were not meant to live our second best life, we were meant to live our best life and we rob from ourselves when we accept anything less. 

Too often we spend our time focused on making life move around us…..when what we need to do is let life flow.  Hopes, wishes, and dreams, never go away, they get buried with our fears  and left there they wither and die.  So bring out your dreams, pursue the life you want, and never accept less than what you want and need in your life because to do so is to betray your spirit.  Fear will keep you small, it will make you stick to your comfort zone, and it will ensure that your life runs the same loop of film over and over.  Life whispers into your soul… listen, heed the loving words and pursue your dreams.  Be devoted to honouring, cherishing, and enjoying life’s love for you.  Then set out from the shore of comfort and pursue the open sea…..your dreams are waiting to be realized. Namaste

Robin Sharma said “Columbus was the first European to see the New World because he was willing to leave the places that he knew and visit the places that scared him – new, uncharted lands.  All discoveries and all innovation are the result of women and men who dare to try the unknown.  You need to walk towards your fears and be willing to go to new places to grow as a person and to uncover the treasures that are awaiting you as a human being.  To stay in the world you have always lived in is to stay small and timid.  So as the seeker on the path to enlightenment leaves the lie he’s lived under and makes the primary choice to reclaim his authentic power and true life, he will see the world begin to shift.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach