Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday and Happy New Year. Have an awesome start to your week. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge…..Get clarity about how you will move into this new year ~ 2020 Vision

Always do your best……don’t let your fears run your life. Or you will stay in your comfort zone and that is where your dreams go to die. As human beings we don’t like fear and discomfort, those emotions and feelings make us feel vulnerable, and we’re not wired to easily lean in to them. That fight or flight programming that we all have, makes it challenging. Yet getting unstuck in life really does require us to lean in to our feelings of discomfort, and run towards our fears, so that we keep getting better all  the time. So that as we travel life’s pathways we understand the powerful lesson that peace is not the absence of conflict, but the strength of a courageous heart. At the end of the day, courage is the price that our lives demand for granting peace.

Peace comes to each of us in moments. It arrives after we have de-cluttered and organized our spaces. It comes when we stand in our power and we honour our values. It arrives when we have the courage to lean into our vulnerability and push through the tough times. It is not a goal or a target but rather it can occur naturally when activity stops.  Because allowing ourselves to feel calm in the midst of our fear;  is not a denial of our problems, it is a way for us to form creative alternatives to our worries. If our soul never realizes the beauty of peace, then we will never know release from life’s turmoil. Peace is less of a destination and more a manner of traveling if you don’t want your fears to rule the kingdom. Let life live through you. If you listen carefully, life is beautiful. Namaste.

Ellen Sutherland said “Attempting to conquer great emotion does not get to the root of the fear of the emotion. The desire to conquer in and of itself, reinforces the belief that the fear begins in the world, outside our self, and beyond our control. Fear really begins in our beliefs about the world. It begins in our mind. Even though it does not seem that way, we are scaring ourselves. The desire to control fear reinforces the belief that emotion is a thing in and of itself, and as such, is powerful and potentially overwhelming. Such beliefs are so firmly held, and massively reinforced, that we never examine them. Most of us do whatever we can to avoid, suppress, or project intense feelings. Our fear of fear runs us.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach