Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have an awesome day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge……Review your goals, set priorities, and get to work. You got this.

Always do your best….know where you’re going and have a plan for how you will get there. In the dawn of each day, there is a magical hour where you can take the time before you plug in to set your intentions for the day. To stay on plan and to do the things that will take you where you need to go. Whether they are work goals or personal goals, we need to keep them close, review them often, and stay focused. Because what we focus on, grows. Along the way, we will be sent distractions, shiny new ideas that take us away from our focus. We must be strong, and stay in our lane, and always be striving to connect with our inner leader.

Giving yourself a morning dose of peace and stillness allows you to think and be more introspective; to create peacefulness within your spirit, and to think deeply. If not then you will flip the auto pilot switch and before you know it you will have gone from 0 to 60 in minutes. You will react from this energy….not respond. You will feel like you’re in crisis management mode all the time, and this is when we make mistakes because we have our frequency set for speed instead of quality. Being patient can feel uncomfortable. Allow the discomfort. Then ask it what you need to do. Busy doesn’t mean important. It just means you don’t have time to laugh. Namaste

Robin Sharma said “Setting and then reconnecting with your goals on a regular basis is a powerful success discipline. Your goals will create a fantastic amount of focus  in your career and within your life. Goals generate hope and positive energy. And when you experience adversity and we all do from time to time – clearly articulated goals offer you a North Star to guide you out of the rough seas into calmer waters. Goals also ensure that you live life deliberately and productively versus reactively and accidentally.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach