Thought of the Day

Always do your best…… people respect.  It isn’t just given with your greeting and a handshake….it is given when you consider their choices and their personality and treat them accordingly. It is given to friends and family when you reflect on all the experiences that you have had with this person; and use that knowledge, rather than reacting to the one or two arguments you may have in your life time with them. How you treat people is there for everyone to see. Because at the end of the day, It is your actions that act as an example to the world. They weave the plot and tell the story of your life. Like most things, respect is something that begins with ourselves.  

Respect is  just like love, you cannot give to others what you do not give to yourself. So examine how you treat yourself; notice whether you are encouraging or discouraging. Do you find yourself judging and giving in to your limiting beliefs? Then know that you will likely extend the same level of love and respect to those around you. So the goal must be to lift yourself up, to discard your limiting beliefs, to encourage yourself to be all that you can be…..once on this frequency you will be able to share some of that energy with the world. So set good intentions for today; send them out ahead of you, and then greet every person with respect and love. Now that is traveling first class….and inviting everyone to travel with you. Namaste.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “Regardless of how many lectures I might give to my children, they will learn respect by observing how I treat them, others, and most important, myself. Respect means that I honour the choices of another. I honour their yeses and I honour their nos. Respect and unconditional love go hand in hand; you can’t have one without the other. Like love, respect is contagious.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach