Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Have a wonderful start to your week. Have a great day.


Stillness matters……….in the silence is where we find our peace. Anxiety creates a restlessness that can make it difficult for us to focus and concentrate. Those feelings can be the symptoms that spring from our search for peace and tranquility. At these times we must remind ourselves that peace is always with us. Everything that our body craves is waiting for us, if we will just take a few quiet moments to breathe and calm our mind. Your mind is your power in silence and the more you notice the moment, the more insight you will realize.

Like all things, humans need to rest. We need to unplug, and just be present. Whether you find your peace in a quiet room, a walk in nature, or sitting outdoors… need to schedule breaks so that the mind can rest. Finding peace in each day is paramount to our success. Without giving ourselves a chance to reenergize, we begin to break down all the connective fibres of our life. So, take comfort, and remember, you can always retreat to that quiet place within simply by closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Today schedule 10 minutes of peace and tranquility……a little restoration goes a long way. Namaste

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “When the mind is not quiet, when our attention feels like it is being pulled in a thousand different ways, stress and disharmony take over. At this point, we are trapped in the fog of mitote (the thousand voices that occupy the mind). With awareness, we realize there is a deep silence that exists behind all those voices. One way to quiet the mind is to listen to that silence. The quieting of your mind helps you to experience this moment without distraction and keeps you in your power.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach