Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy


Always do your best…..every now and then you have to pause. You have to get out of yourself, out of your environment, so that you can have time to reflect and rejuvenate your spirit. There is a magical place that can heal your soul and bring clarity to our sometimes challenging lives. It’s called nature. There is nothing that does a mind, body, and soul, better than to walk amongst the trees, feeling the breeze, and drinking in that beautifully fresh air. A walk can change your mood, de-stress you, and bring you back to yourself. It reminds us that we are not machines. We are not meant to run infinitely. We have to pause, and nature is a place of peace. A place to heal.

It allows us to let our thoughts come and go…and to appreciate that our emotions don’t need to immobilize us. Rather, our emotions present our choices, and they let us know that each place along the way is somewhere we had to be, in order to be here. It is a powerful realization, one that will lead us to making the decision to honour ourselves. Our strength will only be realized when we can reclaim our authenticity and move away from what society tells us is important and be who we are. Once we take this step we are on our way home. So be still in the forest. Allow your thoughts to be the only movement in the stillness. Your mind is your power in silence. Now, listen carefully to the whispers of your soul and make your choices from that place. Be at peace knowing that everything is working out for your highest good. Out of this situation, only good will come, and you are safe.

Robin Sharma said “Most people who live among the crowd never press the pause button in their lives and stop for even sixty seconds to reflect on why they are here and what they are meant to do. Leadership and personal success require that we become more thoughtful than ordinary people. Stop being busy being busy. Become more reflective. So as you continue along this path to your authentic life…as you leave the crowd and begin to live by your values, your beliefs, and your heart’s desires, you, as a seeker, will inevitably reach the choice point. How you respond at this juncture will make all the difference in terms of how the rest of your life will unfold.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach