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Happy Tuesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best…..hold the mirror up regularly. We all have to take time to pause and reflect. To hold the mirror up, so that we can experience ourselves as others do. In this way we are able to catch ourselves when ego has taken over and we no longer think about how our words and actions land. It also allows us to be an advocate for strong, compassionate and supportive leadership. We are all responsible for how people are treated. We can all remember the bullies at school, and we have all seen bullies at work, and in our daily lives. Our silence when they attack, makes us complicit with the intentions of the bully. Our silence awards the win to the oppressor. So we must use our voice, and be supportive of a respectful, encouraging, and dynamic environment. One where all people feel appreciated and valued.

Everyone of us contains infinite potential. We all have the ability to succeed and we do this by connecting with our soul and letting it guide us. Left to its own defences, the ego will pursue power but only for itself. Conversely, our soul, recognizes the value of grace, goodness, kindness, and of building trust, stability and hope. The more these strengths are evident, the more likely the team is to succeed. To counter the people where the shadow has triumphed, we must be true to our values. We must stand in our power  of goodness, and protect ourselves and others from the soulless. We must avoid the point of subjugation….and be committed to living and leading our best lives. Leading from our souls, helps us to mitigate the ways that power is misused. Power isn’t about my, me, mine….it is about we. It is about all of us showing respect and love to each other. It is a simple rule that has the power to change everything. Namaste

“Deepak Chopra said “The dark side of human nature is called the shadow, the hidden area of the psyche where anger, fear, greed, and envy are kept out of sight. When a leader is soulless, the shadow has triumphed. They have stopped asking who am I, and how am I perceived? Whatever has not been faced, now has power over the leader. Instead of removing fear and threat, they promote it. The internally driven level of importance leads this leader to excuse how they abuse others. To maintain the level of power, they exaggerate the threats that exist and invent imaginary issues and enemies. To counter the shadow, leaders must be aware of any signs inside that reveal authoritarianism, self-importance, uncontrolled anger, the need for flattery, and paranoia about threats and rivals. For these are the seeds of a tyrant.”

Lisa Scott CEC

Scott & Associates Consulting Group

Certified Executive/Life Coaches for Success