Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Have an awesome start to your week. Have a great Monday. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge ~ Be mindful, be the observer and the listener. Listen to understand. Don’t protect racial inequality. Smash it.

Always do your best…….honesty starts with you. That’s right, It starts with the person who looks at you in the mirror every morning. That person has a heart, a mind, and a soul…..and in order for life to go well, we must nurture every part of ourselves. Starting with being honest at all times. It’s easy to fall into the habit of telling ourselves things in order to cope. We tell our stories about our lives, the people we share them with, and generally how we feel about it all. The problem is that even when your mind doesn’t want to admit something, your heart always knows. It knows that you aren’t being completely honest with yourself and others. It knows that you have fabricated a way of telling the story so that you soften the impact of the circumstances and issues that you and other’s are facing…..and it knows that your heart, mind, and soul are not simpatico because they see how inequality is protected.

In order for us to keep our commitment to honesty we must first keep our commitment to compassion. When we have compassion it is because we have empathy for the plight of others. It is because as men and women we know the importance of not only supporting each other, but we also have the capability of putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. We will only accomplish this if we are first honest with ourselves about who we are, how we are, and how we treat people. We must first connect with our own vulnerability in order to have compassion and empathy for another human being. We are an empty and shallow vessel when we can look on the negative circumstances of another person and not feel any emotion. It is also a sign that we are not leaning into our own vulnerability, and so personal honesty is elusive and therefore there can be no private victory. Without the private victory – there can be no public victory. Always remember, you don’t just feel love; you do love,  you act with love,  you live with love. So, today ask yourself – “what would love do now and what is my truth?” Love will get us through. Namaste

Brene Brown Said “The prerequisite for empathy is compassion. We can only respond empathically if we are willing to hear someone’s pain. We sometimes think of compassion as a saint like virtue. It’s not. In fact, compassion is possible for anyone who can accept the struggles that make us human. Our fears, imperfections, losses, and shame. We can only respond compassionately to someone telling their story if we have embraced our own story – shame and all. Compassion is not a virtue, it’s a commitment. It’s not something we have or don’t have, it’s something we choose to practice. It has been said that real freedom is about setting others free. In the spirit of that powerful definition, my greatest hope is that we will reach out across our differences to connect with those who need to hear….you are not alone.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach