Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Tuesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge…..Learn something new every day, be open to the possibilities.

Always do your best……make your learning a life long journey. We have many sources of learning as adults. What we must master is taking thoughtful action on what we know. To many of us treat learning,  reading books,  and attending workshops as inspirational events rather than opportunities to put what we have learned into action. We behave as if we have had an inoculation and we’re all fixed. We quote the books we have read recently, we reference the research data we just saw…..but we do nothing to keep the promise of when we know better, we must do better. It is the only way we can ensure that we keep learning and growing throughout our lives. Growth is difficult,  it’s uncomfortable, and it’s not just about being truthful about where you are, it’s about taking action. Self Development is not a box checking exercise, its work, and it takes time.

It is about being willing to feel vulnerable and then leaning into those feelings. Our discomfort is a sign that we are learning. Then you have to hang in. You have to do the tough personal work of deciding how you will be as a result of what you know. So when life gives you a whole bunch of learning….ask yourself what must I do with it, in order to get a different result than the one I was getting? Am I part of the problem, or part of the solution?  Your actions will always speak for themselves. You’re creating everything you experience, no one else is doing that for you. Blame is just a convenient excuse for why our world isn’t to our liking….when really the state of the world is a reflection of our state of mind. So as the day begins…..commit to sitting in your life quietly, being present with your thoughts. Then take action. Because the only limits we have are the ones we believe. Namaste

Robin Sharma said “Personal transformation is not a race. Actually, sometimes the harder you try to change, the longer it takes. So many people treat self-discovery like an extreme sport – rushing to get all their healing at a frenetic pace. They read book after book. They visit guide after guide and attend seminar after seminar. They want to know the answers to the big questions they are struggling with. But someone who cannot sit in the mystery of their lives and enjoy the process of personal growth is a person living in fear.  Don’t let your fears deny you your freedom.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach