Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Have an awesome start to your week. Make it a great day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge ~ When problems arise…..ask yourself empowering questions.

Always do your best… your life as a more awakened, vibrant, alive human being.  We don’t have time to sleep our way through our lives, numbing ourselves to the inevitable twists and turns that present themselves to us. The truth be told, many of our problems are problems of the mind, and it is within the power of our mind to embrace and observe them. We have the ability to go within  and to welcome our sad thoughts with gentleness, and when it is time, we can let them go. So we must learn to trust that part of our mind that we cannot see.  That part, will speak to you, if you keep quiet long enough to hear its wisdom.  It will bring gentle moments of grace when they’re required and it will ease the weight of a heavy world.

So, ask those empowering questions. Remember, that when we lose in life, we must never lose the lesson. We must remember that we don’t learn anything when we seek to blame someone else for what we are experiencing. We learn when we ask ourselves “what am I meant to learn?” We learn when we can see someone’s light and we let their beautiful mind affect ours. For bright minds cast their light on one another.  In stillness and reflection we can find the path that leads the way to our power. We can realize our greatest joy by building a peaceful relationship with ourselves. Peace is not the absence of conflict in our lives, it is the true strength of a courageous heart. Namaste.

Michael Bernard Beckwith said “When circumstances and situations are pressing in upon us, the only way we can overcome them is to go within. To actually begin to ask very empowering questions with the awareness that this universal presence and its law will answer any question that you ask.  But, you have to ask empowering questions. “What is trying to emerge in my life? What is my purpose?  What is my gift?” The difficulty is that when people are in tough situations, they ask disempowering questions like “What’s wrong? Who’s to blame? Why me?” and to these we get a bevy of excuses. But if you ask an empowering question, you will get an answer to rise above the muck. So it’s all about the  question, the sincerity of the question, and then the ability and the willingness to really listen, to really be available. That’s where the juice is.”

Lisa Scott CEC

Scott & Associates Consulting Group

Certified Executive/Life Coaches for Success