Thought of the Day

Doing your best……means letting go of judging others. We all have a frequency that we emit….a way of being, and a way of seeing the world. Some of us have been trained to judge and as adults it is where the default seems to be set. It becomes second nature, to see what you believe is wrong with a situation or person and then to share it. This action, has so much ego attached to it; the belief that you know what is best, and that it is your role to tell the world. Judging in this way will alienate you from your peers, your friends, and your family because it is an ugly energy. One that has its roots in a lack of self-worth.

Deep inside the person who judges, is a person who believes they are not enough. A person who puts on a brave facade and appears to have it all together, but in reality they are buttoned up so tightly, they cannot hardly breathe. They try to be emotionless, and to point the finger at others, but that just leaves them feeling more empty. The secret they must come to know, is that they are enough, that when they judge others, they are in fact letting the world know far more about them, than the information they are sharing. The reality is that some people look for a beautiful place, while others make a place beautiful. So today, make your world beautiful, by seeing the possibilities, not the limitations. By seeing people as they could be, and then treating them that way. In other words, adjust your mindset.

Robin Sharma said “Like the vice of complaining, it is easy to fall into the habit of condemning others, even those we love most. We focus on the most minute details and find faults with the smallest of issues. But what we focus on grows. And if we keep focusing on a small weakness in someone, it will continue to grow in our minds until we perceive it to be a big problem in that person. Would you really want to live in a world where everyone looked, acted and thought exactly as you do? Rather than looking for things to criticize in those around you, why not begin to respect the differences. This is one of the truest measures of a person of strong character.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach