Thought of the Day

Always do your best…..don’t take things personally. Pay attention to how you process information. Do you hear it in a way that always puts you at the centre of the conflict. Do you instinctively take the words and the actions of others personally. Once you get into the habit of taking things personally. You become prey for the predators. They can express their opinions, and if you take them personally, then you are agreeing with them and accepting their opinion as truth, along with all the pain and suffering their words inflict. The reality is that when people express negativity it is in accordance with their own belief system. So whatever they think about you, is not about you, it is really about them.

People will always see the world as they are in it, so when they try to pull you in to that world, they are really projecting their own reality onto yours. They cannot reset by themselves, so they project their unhappiness towards you. So we must build our immunity to the opinions and actions of others. Doing so allows us to avoid the drama and the pain and suffering of taking things personally. It can also help us to learn and grow as  human beings. Think about it, if we always give in to taking things personally, it is the maximum expression of selfishness because we are making the assumption that everything is about us. We grow our integrity, strength, empathy, and love when we refuse to take things personally. Today choose to be optimistic….it feels better.

Stephen R. Covey said “You might be asking “How can I choose positive synergy when others are attacking me?” Although you can’t control the paradigms of others, you can be synergistic within yourself even in the midst of a very adversarial environment. You can choose not to be offended, you can seek out your adversary and listen with empathy. You will enlarge your own perspective and you might find that empathy alone can diffuse the conflict.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach