Thought of the Day

Today’s Challenge ~ Schedule some Me time….set expectations for rest and relaxation….give yourself permission to unplug.

Always do your best……become aware of how much complaining exists in your narrative. Feel how it drags your energy down each time you reference how tired you are, how stressed you are, how much you have to do. Acknowledge that your complaints do nothing to improve your current circumstances; and know that if you do absolutely nothing to change what you are experiencing then you will find yourself here again. Action is what we need to take. Scheduling time for ourselves is not a selfish act. It is insurance that we will be better for ourselves and for those who depend on us in some way. Being available for friends and family is a necessary part of finding joy. It is the way we find harmony in our lives. Harmony allows us to fully enjoy everyone and everything, rather than being one dimensional and focused only on our work.

So if you have reached the end of the year and you have earned the badge of exhaustion; you must reflect on what needs to change in order to realize more harmony in your life. You need to press the pause button and truly unplug from the busyness that has become your new normal. You model for everyone in your life….everything you do communicates and signals to those around you. It is said, show me your schedule, and I will show you, your priorities. Take the time to understand where you need to make change. Decide today how you will model, peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation in the holidays. Prepare people to unplug and along with you, get the rest they need. Whether you mean to or not…your actions set expectations for everyone else. We can find peace when we give ourselves permission to rest, to be present, and to be focused on the people who are present with us.

Robin Sharma said “Stop complaining about having no time for yourself and get up an hour earlier. You have the  option, why not exercise it? Stop complaining about not being able to exercise or relax given all that is on your plate these days. If you are not as fulfilled or as happy or as prosperous or as peaceful as you know you could be, stop blaming your parents, your family or your boss and take full responsibility for your circumstances. Make wiser choices about the thoughts you will allow to enter your mind, as well as the attitude you will bring to your days and the way you will spend the hours of your time. Stop complaining and start living.”

By Lisa Scott Executive Life Coach