Thought of the Day

Always make informed decisions……be decisive, but do not rush to make a decision until you have the information you need. Using old information to make decisions is not making an informed decision it is using the past as a filter and that will only lead to fear based choices.

We need to acknowledge the importance of our decisions and the role they play in what we will ultimately experience on our journey. Our decisions are in essence the choices that we are making and those choices should reflect our values, our priorities, our hopes, our wishes and our dreams. We must remind ourselves that we live each day with an opportunity to exercise free will; a new chance every day to make new choices, better ones that serve us more effectively.

Instead of running on old programs as if our choices are “pre-selected” for- ever. Exercising free-will allows us to live to our potential rather than accepting some of the negative programs that are given to us by self doubt and low self-esteem. At times we need to turn our impossibility thinking into possibility thinking……….and make new choices when we need to realign our life experience to our dreams.

Wayne Dyer observed “Prejudice means to “pre-judge.” When you do so, you’re making a decision about something before you have enough data on which to make a decision.”