Thought of the Day

Always do your best… present. If we’re honest with ourselves we sometimes get stuck. We either get stuck in what has already happened or we get stuck in worrying about our future. Over and over we play the video….reliving the past pains and torturing ourselves about the possibilities for the  future. From this place there is no faith or trust…there is only a prison of our own making. Built by our memories, disappointments, and painful experiences. We are stuck because we are letting our fears make our choices. When we choose not to live fully in the moment…it is usually because we are fearful of the deep waters of heartache. We believe that the darkness is forever. But, what we cannot forget, is that even on the dark days, the sun came out again.

Life will continue, it will deliver pure joy and absolute devastation. We must be present. Our best strategy for dealing with the natural ups and downs of life is to be right there, and to feel what we have to feel. Then we must give ourselves permission to move ahead. To ensure that the video keeps recording all the beauty that our lives can offer us. Don’t get stuck. Don’t give your power away to the past or let the future steal it. Being present is a commitment to living your best life. Being present ensures that you will find your way to acceptance of what is. Then you can work on what will be. We cannot push the river….life has its own pace….and we do better when we go with the flow.  With reflection, we recognize that we are  equipped to get through what we have to….the evidence is in our lives. You just need to walk the internal path that leads to peace.

Iyanla Vanzant said “Do not allow yesterday’s garbage to influence your experience today. Do not allow your fears about tomorrow’s garbage to steal the goodness that is available to you right now. Each time you fall into the past or jump into the future you miss what is going on right now. Right now you have the opportunity to create a fresh new start. The only things that come into your stream of thought are those things which you are ready to release or receive. Release the past. Receive your good now. Trust that when you reach tomorrow, there will be nothing but good waiting for you.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach