Thought of the Day

Serve selflessly……….we have to care. That the next generation are going to inherit a better world from us.  We have to consciously make the effort to improve the world before we go.  As we live our lives it’s important to see ourselves as stewards.  We need to take responsibility for what we have been given and make it better in every way before we pass it on.  Nothing is served by living as if we are the last generation on earth.  We all have an obligation to do what we can for the environment and to improve the lives of children wherever they live. 

Sharing the love, we can find ways as individuals to make a difference.  While we sometimes act as though we will not be held accountable for the state we leave this world in; think again, history will hold us all accountable.  So don’t discount the power of each of us as individuals to do something to make things better.  Collectively, we have amazing power to make change, to do better when we know better, and to nurture this world lovingly so that it shines for generations to come.  This is about positive, affirmative action. It is about doing your individual best to stand up for our world and to want better for our children and grandchildren.  The natives say it best, you did not inherit this world, you are merely the guardians for the next generation.  One Love!

Robin Sharma said “One of the greatest lessons for a highly fulfilling life is to rise from a life spent chasing success to one dedicated to finding significance.  And the best way to create significance is to ask yourself one simple question, “How may I serve?” All great leaders, thinkers, and humanitarians have abandoned selfless lives and, in doing so, found all the happiness, abundance, and satisfaction they desired. They have all understood that all-important truth of humanity:  you cannot pursue success; success ensues.  It flows as the unintended but inevitable by-product of a life spent serving people and adding value to the world. “

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive/Life Coach