Thought of the Day

Nurture your soul…….take care of every part of you.  Although we act like it, we are so much more than what we do for a living.  We are multi-dimensional human beings and so we must attend to every aspect of that being.  You cannot be successful if all your energy goes into your work, if your best is reserved for the people you spend your day with, not the people you live with. If your dreams are focused on only one dimension of your life. Paying attention to only one part of your life – diminishes your effectiveness and your ability to realize the magic anywhere else.

A whole life is represented in our work, our community, our love life, and our family and friends.  Integral to a successful life is the ability to make emotional deposits into every area of our lives.  Everyone wants to experience happiness but it will evade you if you are not being honest with yourself.  For example, you may want love but never find it, primarily because there is no room for it to enter. Nurturing your soul means giving your life loving attention every day. So we must examine our lives…..and be aware of where we place most of our energy.  For what we focus on grows….so give a little attention to every part of you….your soul will thank you and your life will be magical.  When we truly know and love ourselves we step into our power. Serenity does not come to us as a reward for sacrifice.

Cheryl Richardson said “Many of us lose sight of the things that make us truly happy.  Our interests and desires get put to sleep as we do our best to get through the stress of daily living.  One of the great benefits of practicing extreme self-care is that is starts to afford us the time, space, and energy to devote to the things we feel passionate about those dreams or aspirations that may have been lost over the years. The challenge is knowing where to look for them when we finally come out from under our busy lives.”

 By Lisa Scott ~ Executive/Life Coach