Thought of the Day

No one can create anger or stress in you….only you can do that by how your process what is happening in your world. It is true that we cannot always control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it. At times we let our mind take over and it creates all kinds of drama, none of which is helpful. So we must build our mental strength and our change resilience. Because when things happen you will either be a  victim or a victor and that is most definitely up to you. You alone always choose how you respond to life. With gentle, thoughtful, persistence we can re-train our minds so that they work with us, instead of against us.

The key to that re-training is the realization that every thought you think, and every word you speak is being responded to, and so your point of power is always in that very moment. As adults we have already figured out that what we put our attention on grows; so we must calm our minds and ensure that our thoughts and our words are really serving us. When we worry, when we ruminate about things, it is like placing an order with the universe for more of the same. Because that energy is attached to our thinking and so no good can come from it. Today love yourself, approve of yourself, and put your attention on what you want, who you are, and how no one does a better you than you.  Live your life according to the light that is within you.  Once you are in that place, you will soar. Namaste

Louise Hay said “There is an incredible power and intelligence within you constantly responding to your thoughts and words. As you learn to control your mind by the conscious choice of thoughts, you align yourself with this power. Do not think that your mind is in control. You are in control of your mind. You use your mind. You can stop thinking those old thoughts. Your old thoughts are gone; there is nothing you can do about them except live out the experiences they caused. Your current thought, the one that you’re thinking right now, is totally under your control.”

By Lisa Scott Executive Life Coach