Thought of the Day – Tuesday July 2

Good Morning,

Happy Tuesday. Have a great day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……..what you don’t work out, you will act out. Mindfulness is one of the greatest tools that we have as human beings. It facilitates a conversation with ourselves. One where we are free to sort through our feelings and reactions with honesty. But, we have to claim our awareness. We have to walk with it and talk with it so that we can hear the truth without filters. For deep in our knowing….is a place where we can reckon with our feelings and come to a place of peace. A place where we can see clearly where we are tolerating behaviour we shouldn’t….where we are blaming ourselves for something that is not ours to own. Because the mind knows what the heart cannot or will not absorb. At first it whispers to us……and if it isn’t heard then it starts yelling. This makes us feel isolated in personal sadness, but no sorrow is new.

Mindfulness does not erase negative memories; it transcends them and in so doing, it gives us back our deepest power which resides in our hearts. Too often we wait , hoping by some miracle that things will improve. Yet while we wait, our responsibility for our lives is neglected. We push the nagging thoughts away and convince ourselves that it will get better one day. Sadly, feelings buried, never die. They come to us over and over and then we live the same paradigm again and again. So, we must step out of our usual perspective on our life……in this way, new possibilities and ways of being will open up. Because the beginning of losing one’s misery comes from the resolution to lean in and to trust ourselves. It comes from reckoning with the tough feelings and emotions until we can clearly see the path forward. Then grace can begin the walk home. Namaste

Brene Brown said “Hurt doesn’t go away simply because we don’t acknowledge it. In fact, left unchecked, it festers, it grows, and leads to behaviours that are completely out of line with whom we want to be, and thinking that can sabotage our relationships and careers. Maybe you’re thinking I don’t want to do this. Coming back to ourselves, however stunned, after falling down already demands so much of us, that should be enough. It ‘s not. Walking into our story is the reckoning. It can feel dangerous, but in you must go. Owning our stories means reckoning with our feelings and rumbling with our dark emotions….our fear, anger, aggression, shame, and blame. It isn’t easy, but the alternative, denying our stories and disengaging from emotion, means choosing to live our entire lives in the dark.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach