Final Thoughts for 2012 ~ By Lisa Scott


Good Day,

Happy Thursday! Remember to start each day with gratitude. Happy Holidays and all the best for 2013!  The Thoughts will return on January 2nd, 2013


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your interest and support of the “Thoughts for the day.”  At this time of year I have always felt it is important to reflect, give thanks and celebrate our lives and all of the wonderful people we have around us. The “Thoughts” are truly  made possible because of the wisdom of some very amazing people whom I admire and give thanks to by quoting them daily as part of my “Thought for the day” series. The series began when I began writing my own thoughts about what I was reading as a way of applying and mastering the thinking and then sharing them with a few people. Thanks to the wise council of one of my clients I increased the distribution and online presence making it part of our brand at Scott & Associates, and now they travel around the world which both amazes me and inspires me to keep on writing and sharing.


Another inspiration is my Mother, Shirley, she remains one of the most intelligent women I have had the privilege of knowing and her lessons have served me well. One of those lessons was “Forget tolerance that implies you put up with something; we are for acceptance. Acceptance means that we accept that people have the right to believe what they want and that is ok.” So the “Thoughts” are not meant to tell you what to think but rather to give you something to think about and if it resonates, if it causes you to make different better choices that serve you, then that is wonderful. Or if you help someone by sharing them, then that is in line with the true intention of the Thoughts.


It is the time of year when we are bringing one year to a close and looking at the beginning of another with anticipation and excitement; it is a great time for personal reflection and to take inventory of the years lessons. It is a time that we can use to self-actualize and make commitments to our growth and development; and to the actions that we will need to employ to achieve our goals.  It is the time of year when we must make a frank assessment of ourselves and be open to making different choices and  honouring our authenticity so that we can be all that we can be. A year that comes and goes without some serious thought to how you can raise the bar on your personal contribution to the world  is a year wasted that you cannot get back. Now ask yourself ~ What is the one thing that you absolutely have to do differently in order to be a better you?


As you reflect you will have the opportunity to hear from both your head and your heart; be sure that you listen to both. The lessons that show up repeatedly in your life, do so because you didn’t hear it the first, second or third time. Negativity will stop showing up when you acknowledge the lesson as acknowledgement must always precede change. It is said that only insecure people need security…and that is true because security comes from within, it is when you know that you can handle anything. So each situation that shows up to teach you something, proves to you that you can handle what the universe sends you and reinforces how powerful you are.


There are some that would say that this year has taught us that it really is the end of the world tonight…….. given all that has happened around the world. I say it is a sign, a sign to wake up, to pay attention to “we” not “me”, to let peace begin in each one of us, to replace fear with faith, and hatred with love. It is a time to think about the greater good, and not be driven by personal gain and interest. It is a time for acknowledging when agreements, policies, processes, and laws no longer serve us. It is time for the world to come together, to focus on what will help the human race to find its rhythm again. It is a time for committing to leaving people better than you found them.


JoAni  Miller said “This is a time of personal and social transformation. Allow yourself to release old stories that keep you mired in the past and allow yourself to awaken to your truth as a beautiful light. You are here to usher in a brighter tomorrow. Together we are all ascending. Together we are helping shift the world into more loving consciousness. Celebrate your arrival into this moment…the best is yet to come.”


The best is yet to come!   Wishing you all a very special holiday season and an amazing 2013


Lisa Scott